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Use the power of video to wow your audience.

Delivering high-quality video production and Video Creation services

Utilize video creation services to boost your brand in digital world. We are providing the affordable video production services and online video editing services. We are a video marketing agency situated in New Jersey that develops high-quality video content from start to finish.

Our professional video creator can create, storyboard, direct, and edit a visually stunning experience that will attract your audience every time. 

Why you should choose video Editing marketing company?

We  provide video editors that can make 2d and 3d explainer videos. We are the top online vedio editing agency.  Regardless of the budget or scope, we approach each project with the highest professionalism. DigitalTechyx is a video production service company that provides video advertising services and promotional video creation services. 


What kind of video creation services do we create


Your customers will think they have stumbled across a first-class production when coming across your intro & outro animation. By our intro/outro professional video production services, you’ll enjoy a higher level of authority in their eyes as a result.


If you want to stay in the digital marketing game, you need to be open a new strategies to stay relevant. And the newest thing in the market right now is explainer videos! We as a local video marketing agency craft every Explainer Video that cover everything from idea to final video launch..


With product video creation services, you can connect with your prospect on a deeper level. Product online video making services help a lot in helping consumers make purchase decisions. Consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a products or services video.


Your service is unique in the field. How do you communicate this to your customers? A high-quality and affordable video creation service is the most effective approach to stand out. Tell your potential or present clients what you're all about in your own words.

Video production services breakdown


The pre-production stage of the manufacturing process is essential. It needs planning and preparation. We never go to a video shoot without a plan in mind and a clear notion of what we want to capture. This is when we practice the shot and make sure it's easy, consistent, and cost-effective.


Whether we're shooting on location, in the studio, or on the street, our videographers are ready to capture the highest quality footage for your media project. The director will oversee the production, ensuring that you get the most out of your time with us.


Using cutting-edge equipment and talented editors, your footage is transformed into a work of art. Post-production video creation services include motion graphics, titling, 2D and 3D animation, voiceover, visual effects, music, sound design, and color grading, to name a few. We are capable of completing any task you may have in mind.


The finished video can be downloaded in whatever format you like. We can export to any file format and upload to any in-house video hosting service (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). The video can also be integrated into your website.

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